Falls Lake/Dead Brook Farms Horseback Riding Trip 3/24-3/26

posted Mar 28, 2017, 2:50 PM by Andrew Norris

We all met at the church and hung out while people put ice in their coolers. Then we left for our half hour drive. We stopped at Bojangles this time which everyone seemed to enjoy. There were a few scouts that ran down to Harris Teeter for some food. We left Bojangles and arrived at Falls Lake 5 minutes later. We all set up our tents and hammocks and the patrol stuff. Then we took a little nighttime walk and went to a field to look at the stars. With the help of the leaders we were able to identify some constellations. We all headed back and went to bed. We woke up early and everyone got to work making their breakfast. After cleanup which was quick we reorganized patrol gear which we had been wanting to do for a while and headed of to Dead Brook Farm. When we got there we ate lunch for an hour and started the lesson. The teaching didn't take long and we were off brushing the horses. Then we were assigned horses and began the ride. The ride went well. Then we packed up and headed back to camp. When we got there we had plenty of time to spare so we all relaxed. The next morning we quickly packed up and left by 10:00. 

Agape Trail Cleanup/Camping Trip March 10th-11th

posted Mar 16, 2017, 6:52 PM by Andrew Norris

We had to split up into two groups because of the church BBQ. Many scouts ate the church's BBQ for dinner or brought other food. We got to Agape after a short drive with a little daylight left. We all set up our tents and hammocks and ate our dinner. We then headed to the field to run around and play infection. We went back to the campsite and the other group soon arrived. The leaders made a campfire, so we hung out by that for a bit. Then we all went to bed. We woke up and made breakfast. Cleaning took a while, but we eventually got out onto the trail. The new scouts stayed back to earn their Totin' Chip. Trail cleanup was relatively easy and we made it back to the site by lunch time. We ate lunch and cleaned up. Then we headed back to the church.

Neusiok Trail Hiking Trip - January 27th-29th

posted Mar 6, 2017, 6:57 PM by Andrew Norris

We all met at the church and prepared to leave for the trip. We had a small group (6 scouts and 2 adults). On the way there we stopped at Chipotle for a late dinner. When we arrived, it was late so we had to hike in in the dark. When we got to the Dogwood shelter, there were 2 people there, but we were able to camp there. As soon as we set up we went to sleep. When we woke up everyone made their meals and we left camp. We drove to the other trail crossing and packed up and began our hike. The hike went well and we got to the beach with plenty of time to spare. The wind was blowing pretty hard which made it cold. Everyone just hung around and roamed the beach until sunset. When we went to make dinner, we realized there was a water issue, because the river water was salt water. Since we couldn't filter water, we had to try and make what we had last. The next morning we set off on the trail again. We reached the Copperhead Landing shelter, which had a water pump. The pump was broken, but we managed to get it to work. When we got to the cars, we drove to the town to get something to eat. After some debate, we decided on Cookout. We then drove back to the Church.

Defy Gravity-December 9th

posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:34 PM by Andrew Norris

We had to reschedule our Merchants Millpond camping trip for December so instead we decided to go to Defy Gravity. We had a surprising amount of scouts show up. We drove about 45 minutes to Defy Gravity Durham. Then we got checked in, and got ready for our 1 hour of time. When it began we spent most of our time at Dodge Ball. At the end of the hour everyone seemed to have had fun. We drove back to the church and went home.

Council Camporee at Camp Durant (November)

posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:27 PM by Andrew Norris

We arrived and left the church on time. We stopped on the way at Bojangles and continued to Camp. We arrived in the dark and shared our site with a few other troops. The first night we had a lot of people hammock. We woke up, headed to flags, then dispersed into a day of fun. Despite the wide array of activities, most people either hung around at the snack bar or by gaga ball and human foosball. We did a lot of stuff but not many did the color run. A few scouts left  Saturday and the rest slept through the 30 degree weather. We woke up in the morning and enjoyed cinnamon rolls. We missed the closing flag ceremony though. Finally, we packed up and headed out.

Falls Lake Webelos Recruiting Event October 2016

posted Dec 16, 2016, 7:17 PM by Andrew Norris

We all arrived at the church and left on time. There were only 4 scouts that stayed the night. We had a short drive to Falls Lake, and we stopped on the way at Bojangles. When we got there, 3 of us set up hammocks and 1 set up a tent. We filled up some water jugs and made a fire. We went to bed early (around 9) and woke up in the morning. It was cold In the morning and we set up the site for the recruiting event. We had 2 more scouts show up and 4 Webelos. We had a schedule but we didn't do a good job sticking to it. Over all the Webelos seemed to have a good time. We gave out lots of candy and ate plenty our selves. We packed up camp and left around 4.

Hanging Rock State Park Backpacking Trip - September 24th-26th 2016

posted Dec 5, 2016, 4:24 PM by Andrew Norris

We arrived at the church and left on time. We had a long drive but most people enjoyed the stop for dinner. We arrived and had to set up in the dark. In the morning we found out that we came on the same day as the Reach the Peaks event which meant that there were a lot of people at the park doing the same trails we were. We began hiking the first mile which was all uphill. We had to take many stops, but we eventually made it to the top. We enjoyed the overlook. We began hiking the rest of the 5 Overlooks challenge. We stopped for a water break at the stream, then kept going. After finishing the trails, we were all tired, and ready to go to sleep. We woke up in the morning, packed up and left camp, and arrived at the church around noon. 

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