Hanging Rock State Park Backpacking Trip - September 24th-26th 2016

Post date: Dec 06, 2016 12:24:46 AM

We arrived at the church and left on time. We had a long drive but most people enjoyed the stop for dinner. We arrived and had to set up in the dark. In the morning we found out that we came on the same day as the Reach the Peaks event which meant that there were a lot of people at the park doing the same trails we were. We began hiking the first mile which was all uphill. We had to take many stops, but we eventually made it to the top. We enjoyed the overlook. We began hiking the rest of the 5 Overlooks challenge. We stopped for a water break at the stream, then kept going. After finishing the trails, we were all tired, and ready to go to sleep. We woke up in the morning, packed up and left camp, and arrived at the church around noon.