Neusiok Trail Hiking Trip - January 27th-29th

Post date: Mar 07, 2017 2:57:46 AM

We all met at the church and prepared to leave for the trip. We had a small group (6 scouts and 2 adults). On the way there we stopped at Chipotle for a late dinner. When we arrived, it was late so we had to hike in in the dark. When we got to the Dogwood shelter, there were 2 people there, but we were able to camp there. As soon as we set up we went to sleep. When we woke up everyone made their meals and we left camp. We drove to the other trail crossing and packed up and began our hike. The hike went well and we got to the beach with plenty of time to spare. The wind was blowing pretty hard which made it cold. Everyone just hung around and roamed the beach until sunset. When we went to make dinner, we realized there was a water issue, because the river water was salt water. Since we couldn't filter water, we had to try and make what we had last. The next morning we set off on the trail again. We reached the Copperhead Landing shelter, which had a water pump. The pump was broken, but we managed to get it to work. When we got to the cars, we drove to the town to get something to eat. After some debate, we decided on Cookout. We then drove back to the Church.